I just got back from touge… The first time I’ve been up there since I slammed the sileighty into a canyon wall 2 months ago. I was way anxious about getting back up into winding mountain roads, but I was real nervous at the same time… and that’s how I was driving – fast at times, but also real careful through the turns. Anyway, I decided to take a ride with my friend Mike, a skilled FF driver. I was very impressed. On the way back up to the top, he was complaining the tires weren’t gripping, so he was yanking the sidebrake to get some oversteer. I was very impressed. But the rear tires got too hot, and he got really sideways, and then spun out and hit a wall. Touge is no joke, guys. Even the greatest drivers f*ck up and put their cars into walls. Anyway, everybody is okay. The FF has some damage, but Mike is very lucky to get what he got. It could have been much worse. So what’s new with my car… I took the Silvia grill off. It looks better in my opinion. Also, I installed a hose to get air to my sidemount intercooler (remember, I have a q’s silvia bumper, so there is no hole to vent the sidemount intercooler). I also got a set of decent tires and my passenger side auto seatbelt works now. Other than that, I’m just trying to get ready for Speed Trials this upcoming weekend!