Okay so I lied. I didn’t go to Speed Trials. BUT I have a good excuse. While working on my car, getting ready for Sunday, I discovered that I had torn up old bushings in my tension rods. Yikes! So I backed out of the event. So this past weekend, I spent $200 to upgrade my brakes… I bought some slotted rotors made by Brembo, and I got some racing compound brake pads made by Hawk. A very good brake bad, btw. I also bought some Potenza RE71’s and put them up front with my Dori’s. That is a great tire. So in the meantime, I am going to do some serious work on my car to get it in a good reliable condition… something that I’ll have more confidence in thrashing on the track and up at touge. I gotta fix my fuel pickup problem, replace my tension rods, upgrade shocks, install stainless brake lines, GET LSD!