The funniest thing happened yesterday. A modified Mustang Cobra was playing with me on the streets of Irvine yesterday. And I know I’m not a dragger, but I was feeling a little bit cocky about my car since I just capped a vacuum leak and the car was feeling better. So anyway, I take off on the Cobra big time then we come to a stop light head to head. Then he starts revving his car hard… If you have ever heard a modified cobra rev, it’s pretty intimidating. So I start revving but only to about 2.5-3k rpms, just little ones… the light turns green and I pop the clutch… I watch my rpms as they speed to 7k rpms and… wtf, I’m not moving anywhere! Hahaha, I was sitting there at the light still, doing a fat burnout in front of the guy behind me! Oh well, I guess with an SR, you better have some 235’s in the back if you want to drag race.
Other than that experience, I installed my Trust boost gauge yesterday. The only thing is that I have to hook up the electricity. I can’t see it at night! But I think I may have a leak somewhere, since I am supposed to boost at about .5 bar, and instead, I’m boosting only to .4 bar… *sigh* another problem to solve.