This weather is a joke. Today was horrible. I drove to fontana for 2 things, to get some new tires (my rear tires were bald already! wtf?), and to pick up the metal frame piece that was bent from the accident. Well, I exited the fwy and discovered my rear tire to be blown. Good job. So i jacked up my car with the stock jack (I was missing a metal bar for the stock jack, so I spun the knob with some pliers. Good job.) I swear it was about 110 degrees out. So I fixed that, and then I rushed over to the used tire shop. Low and behold, they only have 205/50/15. No 55’s? Si, they are out back, amigo. Liar. There were none. So I bought 2 Michelin Pilot’s for 50 bucks, and 15 bucks for mounting and balancing. Ran over to the yards, and found my part right away. $40. Not bad. Now I get to work on my car tonight. I’m so excited. Or, maybe not.