Hey everybody. Happy New Years. Two things that need to be done on this webpage: a links page, and a ‘recent updates’ section. Went to Hollywood Park last weekend for the auto-x. Auto-x is a really strange but unique thing… I was understeering like MAD all day. Towards the end, I was starting to keep it under control, but man was it bad. I’ve heard that it’s my driving style, since I’m so used to driving at touge… the two are completely different! My girlfriend did pretty well too for her first time out on the track. Who would have thought that I’d have a girlfriend that is a 240sx nut. Not me, that’s for sure. So what’s next for my car… still want to get a racing seat and a good seatbelt harness. I haven’t really been looking very hard to tell you the truth. I think it’s because I’m not too thrilled on spending the money. PLUS, I need new suspension. My shocks are dead, and my tires rub the fenders really bad when I’m at touge.