Today… smelled gas while looking under my car. Took the car down from the lift, and couldn’t smell a thing. Pulled off the oil cap and viola. Smelled like gas. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing. It’s supposedly either a piston ring or valve seal. So what to do now? I’m not sure yet… I have 2 choices in mind: get another sr20det. gather parts and rebuild the motor. make it good and strong. OR, I can just gather the parts and have somebody do it for me on my current motor. The 2nd one doesn’t sound fun at all. I would love to rebuild the motor… the heart of my car, with every piece carefully placed by me. But who knows yet. I’m researching still. Also, my thermostat is gone. Greeeeat. Another hard to find part has gone out on my car. What to do, what to do… I’m still figuring that one out too. I know a lot of people run without the thermostat. But I’d like to have it. Last but not least, I’m still researching on coilovers. I’ve found Cusco Comp-2 coilovers for cheap. Thinking about that one… and I hope to get my gracer side steps soon. I haven’t gotten a good hour or 2 of good drift practice in a while… I feel like I haven’t really progressed and its kinda sad. But I have been gripping faster at touge. My brakes glow now. My wheels are all hot when I’m done. My turbo glows too, but I’ve been doing that for a while now. Anyway, I’m having fun with grip, but I still wanna get out there and get better at drifting… the sidebrake technique is still a hard one to get used to.