It’s been so long since I’ve updated this. I’m using a set of Sabelt seatbelt harnesses. It is a really big improvement, since I don’t have as much strain on my body while driving touge. I can concentrate more on driving instead of trying to keep myself in my seat. However I still need to use my legs and my knees to brace myself against the body panels of the car, because I need a racing seat. So I guess, the harnesses help out a lot, but I still need a seat. Also, I’m getting sick and tired of my suspension. I think I’m driving my car to its limits now, since I know I can’t push it any harder at touge… I’m constantly fighting the bad camber settings and soft/blown suspension now. I got hold of a Mito Natto sticker and a Hakaiou sticker, cool! I am also drifting much better now. I haven’t practiced drifting for over 3 months now, and when I did on Sunday I had real improvement. Although I am still drifting at not much faster than 45mph, I am keeping the drift much MUCH longer. I still can’t believe how good I was doing. Also, I am still trying to connect 2 drifts together, but it’s hard. I crashed while practicing… I spun out and my rear went up on the curb. No important damage, just banged the hell out of my exhaust can. Which is cool I think, since my exhaust looks rad now, and my LSD and wheels are safe. I have a different set of tires on the rear right now… Dunlop SP Sport 8000. They are very good tires! They grip really well and have a 200 treadwear rating. I just learned about heat cycles for tires, so maybe that has something to do with them gripping really well compared to other used tires I’ve used. I’m also learning how to brake drift. It’s kinda hard.