Special Edition: entry by Benson’s Hapa180SXxy~*Nadine. Went to Speed Trials yesterday. MrSil80 wanted to tow the drift machine. What a pain…it took hours to get it up on the trailer. 3 hours of sleep, a ripped off zenki lip, and dinged up doors were the fruits of our labor. Towing it with daddy’s custom van wasn’t any easier lagging up the hills! We got there and Jav’s tires that he threw on the trailer scratched up the drift machine omg. We got to run in group C, a small group where all the drifters got to be together. But those damn RRE eclipses & some other ricejacks sneaked in and tried to throw rice on our drift sessions; can we say rude. The runs were hot. The drift machine overheated every run, only after the back laps. Weird. Thermostat prob? Coolant prob? Or maybe it was just too damn hot. 100+ degrees that day. Benson threw cute drifts every run, but mostly on the back turns, away from the crowds. Not once did he get black flagged or eat shit hard like I did on the parade lap. The cute W-10s I got him were on the front, gripped lovely, no more understeer mania jack. On the rear he had some gay “trash drift” tires. We got a lot of cute pictures from Tsuyoshi, Tak, and some of our friends in the pit~thank you guys! Super Street was there too, boy did Benson put on a show for them. We had a great time. Congrats Jav for winning the drift contest. We loved Speed Trials, I can’t wait to drive my car next time. By then (Nov), the drift machine hopefully will have new coilovers, Recaro seats & possibly a front mount to sweeten the car life.