Special Edition II: Just got Tein adjustable pallow (pilo) tension rods. Putting them in asap! Lately the drift machine has been running ohsonogood. Smelling funky, twitching, idling rough & low (“y don’t you just die”), could be a vacccuuumm leak. Overheating is still plaguing as well, but not that bad. Need to put in the new “Billion’s” aftermarket thermostat that is just chilling on the floor of my car and see what happens. Me & Benson went up to touge this morning with KyleSmyle & TakJack. Benson taught me how to do doughnuts in the Sil80. I took 3 tries and the drift machine was going KrispyKremes baby, spurting all sorts of burnt tire bits in my eye…then it overheated. We took some pictures, they should be up on the site soon. The ongoing debate as to what coilovers are worth a grand is boiling down to JIC (made in Taiwan) & Cusco comp 2. I like the Cuscos better…mainly because they’re made in Japan!!! Looks like a cute Recaro SRD seat is next. Its been a pleasure & an honor to write in this bomb journal Benson. I love being your girl.