Okay, so today I changed my exhaust manifold… I hope the nuts will hold on this time… I know I’ll be at high revs all day tomorrow. Also, I changed my rear brakes… I’ll try to break them in as much as I can between tonight and tomorrow’s event. I mounted some crapola tires on my gold SSR mesh, so those will be the designated drifting tires. Other than that, I bought some backup powersteering and waterpump belts (they are cracking), and maybe I’ll put in the new spark plugs tomorrow. There’s news that it may rain tomorrow… I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, since I’m trying to learn to drift at higher speeds, but either way, I think I’m ready for whatever decides to come. Hopefully I can get some video footage and pictures taken!! It sucks to drift my heart out all day and nobody sees it!!