I went back up again last night with Nadine after bleeding the coolant. I didn’t have any problems with overheating… good! Except this time, my turbo good enough that this time I loosened 2 turbo ehxaust nuts and they fell off, leaving me with 2 left. Hopefully I can change my exhaust manifold tonight and fix that problem. And on the way back home, some crazy SUV was on my ass… so as I was not feeling well, I pulled over as much as I could to the side so he could pass… but no, he decided to keep riding my ass and not pass. So I got pissed and took off. At first he was trying to keep up with me, and Nadine and I heard his tires screetching and his truck went out of control through some turns. But after a few bends in the road, he was long gone. Turns out he was a Sheriff. Ooops! Haha. Well next time, don’t harrass people on the mountain roads, you jerk! (We have a lot more work to do on our cars before this weekend!)