Upon popular demand, I am updating my journal! Haha! So the holiday season has been busy and plus me and Nadline had our 1 year anniversary to boot… I’ve been too busy to play around with my car. However, it’s been raining and after that rainy Willowsprings event, I am way comfortable with drifting in the rain… I have a good understanding of it and how the tires react. So if there is a big circle freeway onramp in your area, let me know because I love them. But don’t copy me! I’m dangerous and I wanna crash my car and die… There is a drift event up in northern California at Thunderhill… I’m thinking about going up there with my two babies (hint: one is black and one is pink). I dunno if I can make it up there sitting on that racing seat the whole time… I might just have to go without it. I washed my car the other day and did the Meguiar’s 3 step wax… I totally forgot how good my car can look when it’s all cleaned up! I even removed most of my stickers… I’m sick of them. Well, job search is sucking too… I’m gonna need money if I want to keep driving. If you’re reading this, and you know of a job opening, e-mail me! I’ll upload another video from Buttonwillow later… Happy New Years everybody!