So I did a little driving… around 7 minutes constantly at redline… and the dump pipe from my turbo to the downpipe decided to come loose. Haha! Then the head from one of the bolts decided to break off so I had to sit there and get that little nub off of the turbo for an hour. Once I got that off, I cleaned out the threads with a tap, put some lock washers on, and loctite’d my new bolts on (I love Ace Hardware). Then I changed my wheels because the tires that I had on my gold mesh were starting to scare me… Now I have the MK-III on with some nice and semi-meaty Michelin Pilots. While the wheels were off I took the liberty to try and level out my car (if you own an s13 you might know about that nasty lean the car has towards the driver’s side). I did an alright job with that… and I dialed the dampers 10 settings stiffer in the rear and the front. Nadine and I went to do some more driving… the turbo parts stayed on (yay) and the suspension felt pretty damn good. The dampers were stiff and there was very little travel in them… surprisingly, there are 20 more levels stiffer to go! Today I stopped by to visit my friends at Car Tune and… picked up some fun little things. I think my bank account hates me.