Oh man, I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been neglecting my site. Well, here’s a recap of the past few months: I got a new radiator – a Koyo aluminum 3 row sponsored by my great friends at CarTune! I’ve got my fan shroud on there, and sitting inside there are 2 Spal fans, one 800cfm and one smaller 400cfm. I’m running a new coolant mixture too… It’s regular water mixed with this pink additive… Nadine loves it hahaha. So with that, I went to club4ag’s drift day 3 at Willowsprings Raceway (streets of willow). The event went great – Moto held another great event. The new radiator setup held up GREAT against the 100+ degree weather out there. The only time I overheated was out on the skidpad… because the car is never driving straight for the air to pass through the radiator.