So… I thought I would surprise people by converting to 5-bolt. Well, not so much to surprise people, but so that I can change the look of my car… and so that I can choose from a wider variety of wheel sizes. I was tired of the 15s, since I couldn’t get anything wider than 7″! So I had some dumb problems with doing the 5-bolt swap, mainly because I tried to drill my rotors without a drill press. If you’re gonna swap… buy the right new rotors. So the nice guys at Cartune let me borrow their r33 gt-r wheels. Hmm… I don’t think the wheels look very bad at all. However, they are extremely heavy. So the National 240sx convention was a GREAT success… we had a great turnout (170 registered 240sxs) and I had a great time watching all the 240sx owners driving their cars out on the track. MY car, decided that it would frustrate me… 3rd lap into my run group, my brakes were fading so badly… I said forget it. The reasons: I was braking more agressively than usual, I’m using raybestos brake pads, and my rotors are not drilled or slotted. So I had fun anyways by driving in other people’s cars! Hahaha! I sat in with Nadine as she learned the course and honed in on her driving line, and accel/braking points. She got better with each lap, and rivaled a lot of the guys in her run group! Hmm… so since then, I’ve changed my clutch… and I’m going to upgrade my brakes to z32 (so they don’t fade anymore). There’s a drift event this saturday at Irwindale Speedway, and another next Saturday at Willowsprings Raceway. Woo-hoo! I hope my crappy engine doesn’t die!