As of today, there are 3 days left before the RS-R drifting event, and my car isn’t ready. What else is new?? Last weekend, Cartune helped me out and put a kouki 180sx engine in my car… But since then, my clutch master cylinder has needed replacing, and now there’s a boost leak that we can’t find. Tuesday night, after changing my LSD oil at KAAZ, Neen, Kris, and I went to go eat in Costa Mesa… then I found out that some JERK in the parking lot hit my car hard, and completely crumpled my fender! And took off without leaving a note! Things like this remind me what complete jerks there are out there… and it’s also a reminder for me that I need to be a good honest person so that I don’t anger people the way that I was angered from my newly crumpled fender. Ahh, I guess it doesn’t matter – what can I do? Bang it out with a fender and pretend it’s not there! Well, I’m gonna go work on my car right now and try to find out how all my power is leaking out of some place. Wish me luck… I’ll see you guys on Sunday!