The April 6th RS-R event is coming up… I’ve decided that I want to compete. Check out for event details! After my last event I’ve realized in what sad shape my car is in for what I want it to do. For regular events where we are just having fun, it is perfectly fine… But when I’m up against other people who have their cars running well, then it’s not so good. There’s kind of no point for me to compete and hope to do well in this state. I am actually contemplating on getting another engine, something that runs in near brand new condition. I think I’ll need something like that in order for my car to not hold me back. In other parts of my life, things have been kind of awkward. I’ve gotten a lot of attention since that last event, including magazine editors, photographers, and companies interested in sponsorship. SEMA has published an article about all the money there is to be made in the booming drift scene. I have first hand experience in that. Haha. Well, I hope everything turns out well for our new scene… I hope the money hungry companies out there do their best in making sure not to exploit us regardless of what it does to our growing scene. Also, I’m having some reservations about all of the competitions we’ve been having recently. I know that competitions are good because it drives people to become better… but sometimes I think that it might cause us to lose sight of why we are even doing this in the first place – to have fun and build companionship with fellow enthusiasts. Eyeing the nice 6 foot trophy and the fame? Just make sure to remember – have fun and make friends, not enemies! This sport will die if we all don’t enjoy each other’s company. I, for one, would be the first person to stop attending competitions if the wrong attitude ever starts up.