What an exciting week! First my stuff gets stolen from my OWN garage, then a few days later I go drifting at Irwindale Speedway, doing tandem drifting with my friends, and then I have a bbq at my place with all of my buddies for my birthday – and they all got me really great car stuff! You’ll all see it later, but I’m telling you my car is TYTE now! Hahaha! I don’t understand why people would go out of their way like that to get me such things… I don’t think I deserve them, but times like these remind me that I have really really great friends. Thank you guys… So… so what if my things were stolen? I want them back, of course, but really… who needs material things when you’ve got a home, great friends, a really special lady, and a little rugrat who never ceases to make me smile? I went out to dinner with my mom and dad, Nadine and Kristy for my birthday… can my life be any better? Uhh… I guess I could be a lot better at drifting! Hahaha. Bye guys. Stop stealing.