Video of me from the last journal entry: here

Well, my clutch went out… so Cartune put my old one back in along with a kouki 180 transmission. That transmission is bad, and leaking everywhere. Hahah. What luck I have. Air in my clutch lines decided to totally keep me from driving also – so Alex and Marc came over to help me late on Sunday night so that I could drive to work. Thanks guys! We concluded that all of the air was the result of Nissan’s use of a clutch line dampener right before the clutch line to the clutch slave cylinder – It’s not made to make bleeding the clutch a very easy job. So basically we removed it. And we bled it, and now everything is fine! I’m trying to get hold of a new clutch… maybe Exedy if life is good to me. In other news, I’ve got new anti-sway bars! I drove down to Torrance last weekend and installed a set of Tanabe anti-sway bars… they are noticibly larger than the stock bars. On the way home, I could feel it right away – even while driving out of the parking lot. Turning feels a lot more solid ESPECIALLY at speeds over 20mph. It was amazing how much of a difference it made while just driving on a banked freeway interchange! I really suggest that, when you get the money, to invest in some. I’m loving these. Anyone going to SEMA International Auto Salon? I think I’m gonna go see what’s going on over there. Ooh, Ray from KAAZ USA told me that I’m in this month’s HCI and LA Auto Weekly. Time to go magazine hunting! Drive safe everybody!