Breaking news! I am the proud owner of Tanabe Sustec DD coilovers and the new KAAZ 2-way LSD with 16 clutch plates instead of the previous model with 8.

Okay so first, the coilovers:
These coilovers are 1 of 3 sets made currently… mine, and one set on each of the Signal Drift Twins cars! Tanabe has plans to mass produce and release these in the US market in late October, I believe. They are both height adjustable at the spring perch as well as lower bracket. Spring rates are 10k in the front and 8k in the rear. The dampers are 4 way adjustable. These coilovers are similiar to the Sustec RR, which are highly rated in Japan, according to reviews by Option2 magazine, except the DDs were designed by D1 driver Bai (Drifter XL) and his personal specifications. Currently they are on a very mild setting, and I haven’t had a chance to adjust them to my liking, but so far, they have a very nice ride on the streets. They are not stiff at all, as I thought they’d be, and I’m able to drive around on really harsh roads without a problem. They are noticeably stiffer than my old HKS hiperdamper IIs, but not enough for me to hate driving.

The new KAAZ 2-way LSD:
The new LSD is noticebly more aggressive than my old 8-disk one. The added clutch plates increase the initial bite of the LSD while drifting. Because I’m experienced with controlling an oversteering car, I had the LSD set at 100% lock (the percentage of locking can be customized – I think the average person should use 80%, but the car should still be driven with care). While driving around on the street, I can already tell the difference. While driving through corners on the street at moderate speeds, I can feel the LSD push the car’s rear end around the corner. And even with my understeering tire setup from Hyperfest, if I give the car a little bit of extra throttle during a turn, the car will slide out easily. Since I’m still in the break-in period, the LSD is making quite a bit of noise… while turning at low speeds, I can feel the clutch disks slipping a lot more (since there are more of them), and since this LSD locks easier, I can even feel the tires hop a little too. It’s pretty cool! Haha.