Hyperfest was… an experience. We didn’t get as much driving time as I thought, but it was interesting nevertheless. I had Nadine’s loaner Dunlop FM901 in the front, and my Falken Azenis ST115 in the rear… which was a horrible combination. The front tires wouldn’t grip all day long, no matter how hard I tried to throw the car sideways. Eeek! I was able to manji though, for the first time! I really only had one shot at it, because my tire pressures were only ok for one lap, and it was really sloppy. I was refining it to where I wanted it at each slide on the straightaway… and I found out I was still not doing it right. Haha. Marc realized that one of the drivers out there was one of the team members of Night Walkers! That was cool – and he gave Marc a buttload (eh?) of Night Walkers stickers since he was the only one to notice that day.

Here’s a video of my 2nd practice run of the day: