Well Drift Showoff was today. It was AWESOME!!! The amount of talent out there today was amazing. People have improved SO much… there’s wasn’t a whole lot of spinning today, which is common of most events. Which surprised me, because it was also a decently high speed course. A lot of great guys advanced from 40 drivers to the top 16 and I’m so glad for them. You guys rocked!! As you might know, at D1 drivers search, I was really trying to get good speed. I feel like I did a pretty good job at that. Since then, I’ve realized that my line was lacking… so I’ve been really working on my line. Today, I think I did a good job and I’m really happy. I had some trouble in the morning figuring out what I was doing wrong, and once I figured out the line I was supposed to take it was so much fun. I started the drift towards the top of 3rd gear, and I would use my sidebrake to bring out the apex of my drift, since the turn had a late apex. It was so fun. I had a blast. I made it to the top 8 and I was so stoked because everybody in the top 8 were BAD ASS drivers! I mean, really. It was such an honor to be in the same ranks as those guys. One of my competition runs, I initiated a little too early for my speed and I ended up holding on for dear life to clear the inner barrier… and I made it, nicking the barrier only slightly. However, I forgot to look ahead because once I passed the barrier, I lost track of where I was and I spun. That pretty much took me out of the competition, because I think they were combining scores. But my 2nd run was dead on, I thought, and I hit the apex right where I wanted to, and I ran the exact line that I wanted to, although my line seemed to be different than almost everybody that day except for Taka. I’m so happy because I took the line and speed that I wanted to, and I figured out the course before I had to go home. Doing that made my day… Anyway, congrats to Daijiro and Hiro and Taka and even Rhys. You guys hauled ass out there, and I’m glad that you finally got your wins. It’s all about fun, people! Win or lose, fun will always make it worth it! Ask the guys from Florida!