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I’m tired of looking at this hood. Somebody please buy it from me! $240 and it comes with Sparco hood pins!


Jimmy Yates, it’s sold.


Mike Garrett snapped this really sweet shot of me at ASB-X this year and he posted it up again in an article titled “PHOTOS OF THE YEAR 2010>>MIKE GARRETT PT.2

Thanks for the pic Mike!  I like it a lot too!

I wish my car wasn’t so haggard looking!


Get more info and see more pics here – wreckedmagazine

Here’s a clip from Video Option covering the latest D1GP at Ebisu Minami course. They go into depth about the new line entering the first corner and show some pretty amazing drifting.

It’s interesting to think back how long this course has been around for drifting and how much it’s changed as drifting style has changed. And all the while, it’s still the coolest course for drifting.

Here’s another view of Saito launching his big sedan into the air. Thanks to Ben in Chicago for sending me this!

First ass-first entries was the new thing to do… now you have to get all 4 wheels in the air to be cool.