So last week Ernie and I pulled my engine apart so that I can put in my new S15 turbo that I got from Superior Nissan… This is my first step to getting more power… I think my goal is around 320. I probably won’t get it anytime soon, because it costs so much money! Anyway, Ernie and I spent about 4 hours taking the head and turbo off the engine and went home. The next night, we spent a lot of time cleaning everything up… to make sure that the engine would run well and cool well. While the turbo was off, I took the liberty of putting on some stainless oil and water lines from Taka Motorsports… It helped a lot, because the turbo isn’t a complete bolt-on type of deal… it’s a different size than the stock T25, so not everything will fit. The things you’ll need: turbo inlet pipe going to the compressor wheel, the pipe coming off the compressor side to attach the intercooler pipe to, the oil return line from a t28 as well as the rubber hose connecting that to the block, 2 stainless water lines, and one oil line. So anyway, we finally finished everything, and it was pretty cool watching Ernie work… he just gets into this zone, and starts working like a machine. He knows the SR20DET pretty well. Anyway, we finally finished, and I started driving around. It was a strange feeling… the low range response is improved, and the power band is a lot smoother. I wouldn’t say that I gained much power though… and this is because my ECU is tuned for the T25 map, and not the T28 map… however, this turbo is allowing me to boost more, so I am gaining a LITTLE bit more power… I’m boosting .9 bar instead of the .8 that I had with my T25. Hopefully, I’ll get some injectors, cams, and tuning soon… I can’t wait to see what I can do with some more power.

Man… I’ve been doing SO MANY events lately… in the past 2 weeks, I’ve went drifting 6 times. And I’m going again next Wednesday to a practice for Formula D. I hope my car can hold up to all the abuse… recently I’ve had a weird problem with my transmission… It’s hard to shift and sometimes it doesn’t come out of gear. Hopefully it will hold up long enough for me to compete… sigh… I have a long ways to go from getting my car to where I want it. I guess it’ll just require patience and continuously practicing with what I currently have.