My internet is down at home so there’s not much updating that I can do. I’ve been pretty unhappy with the old BBS, because there’s a lot of problems with it… It seemed to never e-mail people when it should have. I’m not sure why. So this is what I’m doing… I’m going to program a BBS by myself! I’ve already got the database created, now I have to work on the rest. I’m sorry, it might take a while! But I’m going to invite certain people to use it and test it for me while I’m building out the rest. At first, I’ll send it to my close friends first. As soon as I’m comfortable with that, I’ll ask for people who want to be invited to use it, and they can also help me test while I’m programming it. I know, I know… boring computer nerd stuff. So Alex Chang, myself, and Nadine have been looking for sponsors for Formula D 2005. I know, it’s late… and it’s pretty difficult. But I’m doing my best to find what we can this late in the game… I don’t really care if I end up competing this year or not. Competing doesn’t mean anything to me, except that I get to drift and meet people in different parts of the country, and drift challenging courses against challenging competitors… I don’t ever get to drift that hard during practice, but I don’t know… I’m sure I’ll get my fix if I do that once or twice a year? We’ll just see. But for now I’m focused on finding us something. I’m going to have a meeting with a company soon. We’ll see how that works out.