Went to the socal240sx.org 240sx meet on Saturday. These meets are really getting big… I remember the first time I went to the annual Shine Street meet, and we all fit in the parking lot! We don’t fit anymore, and all the cars have to park in the street, and the two neighboring parking lots. Alex was really nice and bought everybody pizza and drinks out of his own pocket. I made sure to let people know that they should give donations so that he wouldn’t be completely broke, but not enough people did, and I think he’s still over $100 short. Some people were VERY generous with their donations though! I didn’t really want to bring my car out to the meet, because it didn’t have a seat, the battery was dead, and it was soo dirty. But I got off my butt early in the morning and got it ready for the meet. I softened the shocks down to the softest setting and it was actually really nice to drive on the street. I didn’t mind at all, even with those nasty pot holes caused by all the rain. I’m not sure if I want to transfer all the parts from the sileighty to my new shell, or if I should just fix it, and sell the new shell for some extra money. It would be nice to drive my car more often again.