Okay so I’ve had these awesome Ganador aero mirrors for my sileighty for maybe a year and a half now? When I got them, they were a sparkly blue… a lot like the Night Zone color except a little darker. And when I realized how much money I DIDN’T have, I left them on my shelf at home… Recently, I said… what the heck!!! Why are they just sitting there??? So I had my friend paint them for me (thank you!!!), and they are soooo pretty. I’ve pretty much had to just sit around and not put them on, because of the pretty bad rain lately. Today looks like it’s stopped, and as soon as I get home, I’m going to put them on! I’m so excited! I haven’t had this feeling in a while… being excited about doing something new to my car.

I’ve noticed how much my friend Steve loves his ae86. I mean, it’s not like somebody who is into the ae86 scene or who is into the drifting scene… he really LOVES his car. Everytime I see it, it’s different. He’s changed it somehow, but in a really good, meticulous, thoughtful way. And that’s why the car is so beautiful to me. I’ve been thinking… I’m totally not that way about my car. It’s always scratched, dented, banged up, leaking, dirty, messy… The car is just a car to me. It lets me drift and have fun, but I don’t love my car. I feel kinda bad, and I remember that I USED to feel that way about it. Lately, drifting has taken over, and has become the focus of my love for cars instead of the car itself. I think from now on I’m going to be more meticulous with my car, and appreciate it more. If I don’t compete this year, I’ll have much more time to spend staring at my car and thinking about it, since I won’t be driving and travelling so much. It will be nice… and much less hectic. Plus my car will be cool again! It’s time to find my style again… My car has been neglected and kinda looks weird and crappy right now.

Do you guys ever notice that there aren’t any 240sx freaks like there are ae86 freaks? I mean ae86 guys are OBSESSED. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because you have to totally be brain damaged to love an ae86. Hahah just kidding! I want one too! Or a Z32… Somebody give me more money!