I guess I knew it was always coming but never really thought about it. Camera crews were at Drift Day 23 last weekend, interviewing, video taping… trying to get juicy footage on tape for the Formula D series. Tyson Beckford, the male model, was there learning how to drift so that he can compete in Formula D. People were all over him. There was also the usual dose of showboating and ego boosting whenever camera crews are around.

I think it’s kinda wack. I’m not really into all the hype and publicity. I’m not into pushing some fake personality on TV, and I’m definitely not into selling myself. I love to drift… end of story. It’s kinda hard for me to cope with it… because that’s where it’s all heading. That’s where it’s heading, but where do I belong in the midst of things?

I was able to instruct some really talented drivers this past weekend. I LOVE watching students get all excited and pumped up about what they just learned. I love the fact that I helped them to achieve that happiness… to me, that’s the core of drifting. It’s awesome to be instructing.

Nadine tried out for Drift Day Advanced status on Sunday, and she did a good job. She went out and drove, just like how I could expect her to… good throttle control, being able to navigate through a course for the first time while sideways… she’s pretty good! But as somebody who spends a lot of time talking to her and watching her, I noticed everything that she did wrong, and I was a bit nervous how the other instructors would judge her… but you know how people say that you’re your own worst critic? Well, they’re right, and the other judges were so impressed with her and none of them doubted that she should get advanced status. I know she has a lot to learn still, but sometimes I forget to take a step back and look at how well she’s doing and many obstacles she’s passed to be where she’s at now.

She was asking me questions about tandem… I’m kinda excited, because I know she’s getting close to being able to drive tandem with me!