Sad News:
I guess I’ll be missing round 1 of Formula D 2005. No sponsors, no money for transportation. That’s too bad, because I think I would have done pretty damn good, now that I have Yellow Thing at my disposal. I was watching old Option and Drift Tengoku videos with Nadine and Steve this past weekend, and realized how awesome it is to be a privateer… in Japan. In the US it’s pretty much impossible!

Happy News:
I bought a new desk from IKEA last weekend… we strapped it on top of Nadine’s coupe, because we couldn’t fit it inside! Man… we used A LOT of string! It was scary, but Steve was nice enough to follow us all the way home just in case something happened. And if something did, bye-bye Goodline bumper! Thanks Steve! But yeah, we have a computer table now, and I don’t feel like such a bum sitting on the floor. Haha.

Nadine is taking her car to see our buddy Gary at Design Craft. She’s getting her cage done! Woo-hoo! It’s gonna be fun doing tandem with her!