Did I forget to say that I’m competing in the final round of Formula D? Oops! Well I am. Yellow Thing is back… the cage has a new forward section now, we’re using a new tire setup, the LSD was pulled apart and made a little more like a 1.5 way, and there’s a new final gear in the car to make shifting a little more work, but easier to stay in the power band. It’s funny… the car seems a lot crazier than it is. Chris and Tony came by to look at the car on Sunday and they couldn’t believe that it still has all of the sound deadening material. Yeah, the cage is bolt in, the doors still have all of the orignal insides… the chassis is totally untouched. It’s not seam welded anywhere on the car. It’s pretty much a street car! But that means it’s heavy :( But I guess I like it that way… it kind of represents me as a driver. The underdog.

Last Sunday I took the car out for a practice at Irwindale Speedway hosted by Drift Buffet. Haha, I know, huh? I haven’t driven the car since last January or February I think, and I haven’t competed since before that… needless to say it’s been a long time, and I’m really excited to get involved again.

For me, it’s just to have a blast driving with my friends again, but man… I’d love it if I could totally do good. It’s up to me I guess. Everybody has been driving their cars getting used to them all year in competition mode. On top of that, they have gotten noticeably faster and better at tandem. I’ve… driven my 215hp sileighty at Just Drift and Drit Day? Hahaha. Big difference.

At least last Sunday gave me a chance to get a feel for the car again. The good thing is that I know what I have to do, and I wasn’t scared at the pace I was going. That means I can go A LOT faster and a lot crazier.

We have another practice session this Thursday and then I have prequalifying on Friday along with all of the other non-seeded drivers. I have a good feeling about making it to Saturday’s big event. Let’s see how far I can get!

I can’t wait!