So I went to the Carboy gymkhana event last Saturday and placed 2nd! Nadine got 3rd! It was a pretty chill day and it was perfect for shakedown #2 for Red Thing. The wiring relocation is pretty much finished, except for making it look pretty:

I got a Safety 21 cage from Big Bad BH and it is now in my car… still needs a little modification to the the a-pillar base plates and door beams, but other than that, it looks great. Hopefully I can paint it soon!

At the event, I noticed that my tires would rub up against my front bumper and it would also rub a little bit on the fender… so a little hammering and cutting is still needed. The engine is getting really tired too, more now than ever – so I need to really get on the ball with these things!

Here’s some pics of other new things on my car that I haven’t posted yet:

New Taka Motorsports Oil Cooler and Filter Relocation Kit

New ARC blow off valve

New Tanabe Medalion Concept G Blue muffler