Yes, more car changes. I missed Top Drift Battle round 1 and I wanted to make sure that I could make it to round 2 and on top of that, make sure that my car would be able to get me into tandem rounds!

So I’m taking care of the cage requirements – yes I finally have a cage. The door beam will be welded in next week. Marco Vargas from SR20Store has been working on my car all week and should have a completely rebuilt SR20DET in my car along with some Tomei Poncams. I know, it’s not much, but trust me – my car has been super low on compression for a couple years now – a refreshed engine with cams will be a lot better than what I had before.

So here are my challenges:

  • I have to somehow break the engine in before the event
  • I’ve never driven at Horse Thief Mile before
  • I have to compete on Horse Thief Mile with people who are familiar with it
  • I will probably be worrying about my new engine while I’m trying to compete
  • I have no tire sponsor.
  • Hopefully the car will be ready for me to pick up on Saturday!

    Wish me luck!