So I was super happy to find out that my buddy Dai Yoshihara has joined teams with Rhys Millen for 2008. He’s going to be the pilot of the Pontiac GTO! This is really big news because Dai has been a part of the Pacific Rim Drift Team since he came to the USA and he’s always driven an S chassis – which in ways has made him the underdog because while other drivers were being factory sponsored with brand new 500+hp cars, Dai always stuck with the old school – the Nissan Silvia. It’s kind of bittersweet, because I loved watching Dai, Pac Rim, and the Silvia make huge successes together… but finding a title sponsor for 2008 was getting pretty tough for Dai and I’m so glad that instead of finding a sponsor while barely getting by, he finds a sponsor that can possibly take him to a #1 overall finish in 2008. Not that he needs a 550hp Pontiac GTO to do it… I think he’s an awesome driver and one of the best. It will just make it easier for him.

Good luck this year Dai. Give ’em hell!