So since we had our baby, any free time I have has become rare. You really think… “What is the most important thing that I can doing with my free time right now?” A variety of things come to mind but lately it’s been about my car. I’ve realized that over the years, there have been some badly executed modifications because I didn’t know any better, quick fixes done while at the track, last resort fixes done in order to make it to an event… things that function fine, but don’t show the pride and care I’d like to show in the drift car that I’ve owned for almost 10 years.

I think now is the time when I can spend time on the details and kind of go back and fix the things that I never got around to fixing. A couple weekends ago I changed out my alternator to a rebuilt one. I was really happy with this one because the car runs so much better now and I got to spend some quality time with myself and my thoughts and my drift car as well. Next thing to be replaced is my 6 year old HKS intercooler, which is busted beyond belief. Man, I cannot believe how many aftermarket parts I have been replacing lately! I feel like my car is a relic!

Here are some more recent pics of the Red Thing. I took off the rear spoiler and of course, a shot of the carbon canards on the front bumper.