I hate it when people copy content from other blogs and post it on their own. But I think this time it’s an exception.

I just read from Auto-Otaku, who read from Taniguchi’s blog that he is coming back to D1. I don’t think I’m the only one who felt like D1 has really gone to the garbage can when it started losing it’s star drivers due to D1’s ego flexing and imposed politics. I’m glad he’s coming back to D1, not because I think D1 needs some rejuvenation, but because I think Taniguchi deserves to be in the limelight and I’d love to see him come back from a several year hiatus and just smash the competition like he was never gone.

What is he going to drive? I’m not sure… Auto-Otaku posted a picture of this, but who knows! He will definitely be a threat in this car, or any car for that matter.