Elise is almost 5 weeks old now and I can’t believe how much she’s changed and how much she grows up every day. Physically, she’s gained a lot more weight and is a lot taller now. Her face is thinning out too. My favorite change is that she is so much more alert now. She will sit there and just gaze into my eyes forever, and if I move, her eyes will follow my eyes. There’s not really a good way to describe the feeling except that my heart feels like gushing. Thats how I feel when I see this… I can’t help but look at it all day long… It’s been a week and I still look at it every day, throughout the day. She’s adorable. She’s perfect! Thank you Nadine for always taking such great photos of her all the time.

I know – you probably don’t understand what I’m saying and you’re wondering “what the hell is this mushy crap. I want to read about something interesting.” So this is my official response – “shut up.”