I am BEYOND tired today. Elise woke me up and she didn’t want to go back to sleep. In honor of my sleepiness, here’s a journal entry made for you with extreme laziness and unoriginality.

Team Orange was the best at Tsuisou back in the day, and they are STILL the best today. Oh wow, here’s a throwback journal entry when Nadine and I rode with Asamoto and Kumakubo of Team Orange back in 2003.

This is why drifting is fun… not because you can look down on kids with Eclipses thinking “Oh wow, you have no idea what cars are about.” Okay maybe that is part of it too.

On a side note, look at Tanaka wearing a cast and still drifting better than anybody you’ve ever seen. This reminds me of a time when Kumakubo was competing in D1 with a cast on.