First Dai gets a ride in the RMR Pontiac GTO and now Kenchan gets a ride in a factory backed Scion TC!

Toyo finally made a press release showing off Ken’s new car for 2008. How cool is that, to be sponsored by one factory team and then another? First Ford and now Scion. That would be a first in professional drifting in the USA.

The Scion TC has been converted from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive using some chassis matching engine and AWD setups available in Japan and is estimating 400+hp. That is pretty much a necessity these days in Formula D. I remember competing in Formula D with a stock SR20DET back in the days! Those days are long gone and Formula D has evolved so much over the years.

Well, I am glad that Scion finally got their act together and decided to get involved with drifting. I’ve been saying it for years – Scion markets so heavily to the youth of America that is is pretty much the most obvious thing to do – make a drift car! And they’ve found a great driver to represent them… the driver that their target market can relate to the most.

Pretty cool huh? I’m not sure, but it looks to be custom wide body and has a v-mount setup (which also means turbo – who would guess anything less from a Japanese engine making 400hp right). I also noticed the Rogue Status sticker on his fender, which is cool because I believe Rob Dyrdek is an owner of that company. I’ve been a big fan of MTV’s Rob & Big for a long time now. Do work son!