So last night, while we were getting ready for bed, Danica Patrick won the Indy Japan 300 at Motegi, making history as the first woman to win an IndyCar race. After hearing about so much of her successes such as her multiple pole positions and finishing 7th overall last season, it’s kind of strange to learn that she’s been called the Anna Kournikova of racing. I guess it’s only right to learn about this nickname the same time I found out that she’s won her first IndyCar race. Air Tran, one of her sponsors, stated that they’re putting a picture of Danica’s face on one of their planes, that has 2 flights daily.

This is such exciting news, especially for me since I’m married to somebody who is so passionate about women empowerment in motorsports. Who am I kidding? I’ve become passionate about it too. Congratulations Danica! You’ve just inspired so many more people than you can imagine.

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