Yeah you all know that song Superstar. It first caught me off guard because it had a rock sound to it instead of the normal r&b boringness. The song is actually a little annoying to me now because of the way that dude sings the chorus. Just sing like a normal person! Anyway, all day long on the radio you hear songs about about smoking trees, being in the club, shake that ass girl, making it rain – things that I don’t give a damn about. I noticed this song because it wasn’t about any of that. Instead, he reflects on his own life and lessons getting into the rap game. And yeah, he’s INTELLIGENT! I like that.

I bought his latest album off of iTunes – “The Cool”. It’s a GREAT album and it’s currently my fav – definitely a classic in my music library. He raps with a couple different styles in the album. It just shows me that not only is he a good lyricist, he’s also versatile. Not many of his songs are songs you will ever hear in the club, but it’s the lyrical content that keeps me listening – most are socially conscious songs, some are silly and just about having fun (kind of reminds me of Pharcyde’s “Bizarre Ride II”).

Chicago can now claim another great rapper amongst the likes of Common and Kanye West. I wish I liked more West Coast artists.

Oh yeah, and he loves skateboarding. Chalk one up again for Lupe’s uniqueness. Here’s a song I wish was on “The Cool”. I guess I may just have to buy his other album to get it.

“Kick Push” – a song about his love for skating.

Go to his official website to listen some of full length streaming songs.


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