A couple weeks ago, the family and I went to pick up the Mazdaspeed 3 from Tanabe. Jiro and James told us about this udon place around the corner. I wasn’t really in the mood for udon, because I really wanted some ramen from Mitsuwa, which was also around the corner. We ended up going to the udon place because it seemed a better to choice since we had baby Elise with us.

Luckily we found the restaurant – and only because Nadine was able to read the name of the restaurant in Hiragana. Lucky for me my wife is part FOB!

The restaurant was filled with all sorts of people – Japanese businessmen, families, couples. The menu was huge and had all types of appetizers, side dishes, rice dishes, ramen, and their infamous udon. Nadine went with her favorite udon – nabeyaki udon. I wanted to be brave and try some spicy seafood udon, but I wasn’t willing to wait the 15 minutes it required. I went with the Kanitama udon instead – crab meat and what they described as a light fluffy omelette. The description didn’t make sense to me until I got my food.

The udon was really good… flavorful and unique. The crab meat was fresh and I think it takes some skills to present the “egg omelette” that way in the udon. I really wish we were able to try the different side dishes people were getting. It seems like an awesome place to hang out and drink and just order everything under the sun. I can’t wait to go back… maybe when gas prices get cheaper and I get a raise haha!

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