So I’ve recently found my old friend Jon Sibal on the internet – not that he’s ever LEFT the internet, it’s just that we kind of lost touch over the years, as he got married and I got married and got into drifting and stuff. Anyways, Jon has always been a really impressive artist, being heavily involved as an inker for some big name comic books (here’s an example of his work). Recently, he’s been doing a lot of impressive automotive photoshops where he’ll take a photo of a stock car, and somehow transforms it into a scene from a movie.

Here’s what he did for a Scion competition (which he won):

Scion XD – Shell Shocked by *jonsibal on deviantART

Well I was just browsing and admiring his work and this totally jumped out at me. He made a portrait of his wife using words that he associates with her. I was so blown away by this portrait, which is a pretty big deal because I’m always so amazed at his work anyway. What an awesome job, Jon! I just had to share with everybody. Build a studio to showcase your talent already!

More than Words by *jonsibal on deviantART

Visit Jon’s diviantART site where he posts his recent works.

Or, you can go to his blog and read him ramble on and on about European cars that break down 3 years after you buy them and are worth the same amount as used Acuras.