Sorry I am super late style with the NY trip updates. Life has been super busy since I got home!

So we flew out of LAX and landed in Newark airport. Our old friend Josh was nice enough to pick us up in his super clean G20t. It was MT, leather interior, auto climate control… I REALLY liked it! New Jersey is really REALLY green. The houses are all old and have a lot of character.

We went to dinner at Witherspoon Grill. GREAT steaks! The restaurant was right across the street from Princeton university, so we walked around the campus for a little bit.

Then it was off the our hotel in Times Square so we took the train.

Our hotel room was nice… 14th floor (which really means 13th floor!) and a view of 8th ave. We were so relieved to finally be at the hotel so we could sleep, but how can you sleep when you look out the window and see tons of people walking around at 11pm! So we went out to explore… and came back with a slice of pizza.