Rob stayed over at my house for a few days last month and instead of bringing back awesome car parts for me, he brings me 3 cup o noodles. The 3 flavors I believe are chili tomato, kimchi, and curry cheese.

They’ve been sitting in my pantry because I don’t really eat cup o noodles very often. But yesterday I didn’t have anything to bring for my lunch so I brought this.

Here's one of 3... Chili Tomato.

The first thing I noticed was that these cups have more noodles inside than our domestic ones. It had a metallic lid which is better than our paper lids that always fall apart while the noodles are steaming inside.

After I let it cook for 3 mins, this is what it looked like. Those little pink things from the previous picture actually turned into tomatoes.

This was taken after stirring the noodles. The noodles look fatter don't they?

I noticed a weird seam on the outside of the styofoam cup. Then I realized that the cup was plastic inside and had styrofoam insulation wrapped around it. Way to prevent cancer you guys! Can we get some of that?

Oh I forgot to talk about how it tasted huh? Well it was pretty decent! But don’t get me wrong – it still tastes like instant food, just a tad better than what we get in the US. And the flavor chili tomato… it’s a tomato based soup… kind of like borscht, but with some sort of chili powder. It was pretty mild though, not strong tasting like the name suggests.

Conclusion: Although the taste wasn’t much better than the American stuff, the experience was better.  You can tell right away by the quality of the materials they use to make the container… everything feels better.  The Japanese have another product that we don’t have in the US. I’ll have to ask Rob how much each of these costs, because I would definitely pay a little more so that I wouldn’t be consuming melted styrofoam. But then again, I doubt I’m the target market for this stuff.