I’ve been so busy lately!  Well, now at least I’ve pretty much finished helping Koyo move their websites to a new host I have a little more room to breathe.

Last week Nadine decided that she wanted to paint the walls our guest bathroom on her day off.  That project turned into 2 days… which has turned into buying a ton of supplies, a new granite counter top, new faucet, decorations, and it is still not done.

It really is hard to find enough time in the day.  Last night, I got home from work and went straight to cooking dinner.  We ate and then I drove to Home Depot for some plumbing supplies.  I got home, started to work on the plumbing for our new sink and found out I bought the wrong stuff.  I drove back to Home Depot and go the right stuff and went back home to finish the plumbing.  After that was fixed, I started to paint our cabinets.  Then I cleaned up my hands real quick and started dinner for the next night.  While the food was cooking, I took a shower and went to the computer to finish working on the hosting transfer for Koyo.  I finished cooking and THEN I actually had some time to relax and watch TV before going to sleep… 1 hour!

How do I get up at 7am and then do stuff non stop until 11pm???  I can’t wait till all the work is done and I can go back to my 7am-9:30pm routine!

Even though I am complaining, it’s really not that bad.  I think the idea of doing our first big project on the house is pretty cool.  I’m excited to see how the bathroom is going to turn out.  It’s a lot like the feeling of excitement of getting a new part and putting it in your car, except it’s a lot more about expressing personal taste.  Oh yeah, and it actually pays off to invest money into a house! Haha!