I looked at my blog today and realized I don’t have any pictures of my car on here. I really should redesign the look and feel of this site. Until then, here are some old car pics.

From one of my early day touge drifting sessions. I was so into getting my front tire into that rain gutter. My favorite part of this picture was the flowers in front of my bumper.  Read one of my old posts about drifting at touge.

This is from Drift Day 9… LAS VEGAS! I drove my car there in the hellish heat with no a/c. We all remember that drive as one of the worst drives we ever made in our cars.  Read my blog post about the vegas drift event.

Drift Day 11 at Irwindale. This was my favorite look for my car... standard front silvia bumper with oem side skirts, oem rear unders and wangan spoiler. I liked my stickers like that as well.

Drift Day 11 - Irwindale rear shot

Another shot from Drift Day 11. My lovely concave face TE37s in the front :)

streets of willow speedometer shot

Shot my speedo at Streets of Willow. Drifting at 55mph was a big deal for me back then! Fuel gauge not working. Ghetto!