If you don’t know already… Justin Pawlak’s green FC was stolen in front of his house last Wednesday.

Justin Pawlak had his Chevrolet 2500HD stolen and attached to it was his 26 foot enclosed Aztex trailer. Inside the trailer tragically was his green Mazda Rx-7! The picture above is how it looked upon being stolen. The trailer had two sets of wheels inside it (2 18×10.5 SSR Typer F wheels and 2 18×11 Volk TE37s). The trailer also had a Craftsman tool box full of tools.  It was stolen between midnight and 2am from Maywood St. in Eaglerock. Please call or email him at justin@justinpawlakracing.com. Call Justin at: 623-332-6766 (Hotline shop number)

Please keep an eye out and contact Justin with any information you can find.  Last I heard, he was offering an insane amount of cash reward ($5k) for information leading to the recovery of his beloved car.

I know what it’s like to have something that you own stolen… especially when you’re one of the honest guys and you work your butt off to buy something.  I hope he gets his stuff back!  Thieves are the scum of the earth!  I hope you get arrested and deported!