I just read this article on the Formula D blog: Tanner Foust Announces Temporary Retirement From Formula DRIFT

I thought it was an interesting announcement.  This is the first time I’ve seen any of the successful Formula D drivers move on to bigger and better things.  Certain people like Rhys, Hubinette and Tanner were making quite a living doing many lucrative things including competing in Formula D.  But I also know that competing in Formula D wasn’t just pocket change for them either.  I guess Tanner is doing well enough that he doesn’t need to be messing with the drifting stuff.  The Tanner Foust brand has outgrown Formula D.

This is an interesting thought, because over the years I’ve seen people leave their careers to be full time professional drifters.  Some people don’t even care about a career unless it’s to become a Formula D driver.  For me, competing in Formula D was a ton of fun but I was never going to throw away my career and years of schooling for it.  But then again, I was no Tanner Foust.