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Sorry for the lack of posts… I was in Hawaii for a week, which totally sucked.

It was a pretty awesome trip… and I didn’t tweet or blog or check Facebook the entire time.  It was actually nice that I wasn’t in ADD mode like I am here, constantly switching between working and checking social media.  I’m not really sure why we distract ourselves like that.  I really don’t NEED to be doing 50 things at once.

So now that I’m back with a new outlook on the way I’ve been doing things, I’ve decided not to obsess about tweeting or updating Facebook statuses.  An occasional update here or there would be my goal… but mostly I’d like to concentrate on experiencing life and writing about it in this blog when time permits.

I’ll be back soon to write about my experience in Oahu and some music related stuff.

Halloween was super quiet at my house this year… not a single trick or treater. Maybe Muno scared them away!

My favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character goes skating in the streets of LA… so cool!

Blogs have turned into something of a tool to give people ADD if they didn’t already have it.  People visit blogs for instant gratification – pictures, videos…  It seems like people don’t want to read anymore.  I’m guilty of it too, as a person who has a blog and a person who “reads” them as well.

I recently came across a blog with some substance – you should go check it out too and exercise that mushy out of shape brain of yours.  In the following link the dude talks about some of the ignorance that comes with faith and religion –

Bucket List

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My bucket list is a little different – I want to be able to repay each of my loved ones or at least show that I don’t take them for granted.

Aarti Wins!


If you read my previous post about watching the latest season of The Next Food Network Star, you’ll know that I was cheering on Aarti Sequiera.  She ended up winning, like I knew she would!  I think it’s great – she has such a sincere and bubbly personality and I really think that there needs to be an Indian cooking show out there.  She can be the Indian Martin Yan and introduce her ethnic food to the world.  Her new show Aarti Party already airs this Sunday, so I am definitely setting my DVR.

And now Nadine needs to follow through with her promise to try Indian food! Anybody have restaurant recommendations?

Check out Aarti’s Pilot!