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Ya Ya Ya


I decided to write a random blog entry today because I haven’t written in a while.  So here’s what the name Yoshinoya means when you break down the Japanese.

It breaks down like this: Yoshi-no-ya.

  • Yoshi is some dude’s name
  • No is a word that indicates possession
  • Ya indicates that it is a store

So basically it translates to Yoshi’s store (restaurant).

If this is news to you, you’ll probably notice now a lot of restaurants that end in “ya”…. Honda Ya, Bento Ya, Sushi Ya, Osaka Ya, Erobi Ya, Viagra Ya.  Wait…

Nadine has kept in touch with Aarti Sequeira, a person who was involved with a TV feature on Drifting Pretty back in the day.  A couple years ago, she started a show (blog) where she would post cooking videos which were more like a variety show.  Nadine received an e-mail from her early this year announcing that she’d be a contestant on the Next Food Network Star.

Normally, I don’t watch the Next Food Network Star because I’m not so big on reality talent shows as of late.  I actually kind of loathe them.  They usually don’t produce the type of talent you see when people become successful through normal means, with a few exceptions.

I knew from her videos that Aarti has a positive bubbly vibe about her and she also has an adorable accent.  She’s the nice girl on the show who happens to have issues with being assertive and confident.  Turns out she is my absolute favorite personality on the show – I don’t know if it’s because I can relate to her personality or if it’s because of her accent.

Watch the show if you have the chance.  I think Aarti is going to win!  Also, you can follow her on her blog – she is currently updating even as the episodes air.

Good luck Aarti!  Show everybody that nice people don’t always finish last!

The other day, I won a Palm Pre Plus for helping AT&T test their new smartphone app developer portal.

It just arrived! So awesome!

It was nice knowing ya

…twiddling my thumbs…

saw this on my website statistics this morning… thanks a lot!